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The “Marlboro Man jacket” refers to the iconic leather jacket worn by the Marlboro Man in the Marlboro cigarette advertisements. The Marlboro Man was a popular advertising character used by the cigarette brand Marlboro in the mid-20th century to promote their products.

The jacket worn by the Marlboro Man became synonymous with the rugged and independent cowboy image that the brand sought to portray in its advertisements. It was a leather jacket with a classic Western style, often featuring fringe details, a button or zipper front closure, and sometimes adorned with Marlboro branding or logos.

It’s important to note that the Marlboro Man advertising campaign has faced criticism and controversy over the years due to the promotion of smoking and its impact on public health. As a result, many countries have banned or heavily regulated tobacco advertising.

While the Marlboro Man advertisements were popular in the past, it’s essential to be aware of the broader context and health concerns associated with tobacco products.


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